First Baptist Church, Coconut Creek, FL

"Hearts for Jesus"

"VBS isn't just for kids, it's also for adults."  Pastor Chester Thrift
Temple Baptist Church, Deltona, FL


Millie & Lillie learn that the inside/heart is more important than the outside.


Boys against the girls   


Waiting for the buckets--the boys may win!


VBS Sure is fun, Bring your friends in one by one!
Victory Baptist, Ocoee, FL


 R R Hearts Right?
"Serving HIm with all your MIGHT!"
Highland Park Baptist, Elkhart, IN


Mr. B. A. says, "I might go away, but I'm not gonna' go very f-f-a-a-r-r!


II Thess 2:17--Temple Baptist, Deltona, FL


R R Hearts Right?  First Bapt.,Coconut Cr., FL


Felicia, the fox  


Keeping your castle heart! 


Move the bottle and I can see  


Catarina's Ten Fingers--(giving heart)


Titanic's Last Hero  (giving heart)












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